Šinvoz offers its customers the production of welded metal assemblies, for a wide array of sizes, materials and technological requirements. Our company is flexible with regard to the batch size of the goods, so we also produce prototypes and batches in hundreds of thousands of pieces.

The materials that Šinvoz processes and welds are aluminium, steel and stainless steel, in sheet and profile form, starting from a thickness less than 1mm to over 40mm.

The company incorporates a welding school that trains and prepares welders on a monthly basis based on the requirements of current projects. Šinvoz also has a laboratory and equipment for the examination and testing of welded joints.

The production process in Šinvoz is boosted by the possibility of complex mechanical processing, various types of measuring operations, such as 3D measurement, the testing of welded and fastened joints, varnishing and final assembly.


The company is qualified for the welding of stainless steel and aluminium, where the following types of welding are applied: MIG and MAG, TIG, MMA, Spot Welding; Stud Welding; Robot welding;

Šinvoz possesses considerable welding experience that is shared with the employees in an internal welding school. Each of our employees undergoes training at this school before proceeding to the production lines. The combination of experienced, young and trained welders generates an excellent team that yields high quality and productivity.

The school is led by a welding service consisting of IWEs, IWTs, IWSs and welding instructors.

Development and construction

Our experienced team of designers and constructors possesses the knowledge and qualifications to quickly design and test complex client requirements. Our service includes the complete production of 3D models, 2D documentation, of components and process times for both products as well as a variety of tools for the manufacturing of these products. In addition, our technical team can quickly and efficiently implement required modifications or find room for optimization for any products that have already been developed.

By using state-of-the-art technologies and methods and by collaborating with reputable institutes, our engineers are able to respond to all customer requirements and to develop any idea to a final product ready for batch production in a very short time.

Control and NDT

The specialized internally and externally trained staff at Šinvoz performs technical checks with a wide range of measuring instruments and multiple laboratories. They perform various types of control measurements, as well as measurements with a 3D scanner.

Our company can measure minute pieces to complex and large structures with the use of modern devices.

In addition to using common instruments and quality control processes, Šinvoz is certified to perform various non-destructive testing methods on welded joints in railway vehicles: UT, MT, PT, VT. The plant also has its own facilities for the NDT of larger pieces, such as shafts.

Adhesive bonding

In order to meet the international standards for adhesive technologies, the company is certified according to DIN 6701-2 for the adhesive bonding of railway vehicles and their parts.

This certificate allows us to produce a variety of products such as: multi-purpose cases, HVACs, boxes, supplementary equipment, frames, pressureless containers, fasteners for bottom parts of seats.

Sheet and profile processing

We specialize in the cutting and processing of sheets and profiles of different sizes and thicknesses using a variety of methods.

Our principal technologies include laser cutting, autogenous cutting, cutting with scissors, saws, punching and pressing and sheet metal cutting and the bending of tubes and profiles.

Mechanical processing

As part of the production process, Šinvoz offers various types of mechanical processing, for pieces of small sizes as well as for larger and complete and welded assemblies in five axles.

We process machined aluminium, steel and stainless steel, as well as a wide range of thicknesses, and we also work with sheets and profiles.


In addition to the production of mechanical components and assemblies, Šinvoz provides installation services for mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems in accordance with customer requirements, as well as the testing of these systems according to customer requirements and standards.

Our assembly services also include specialized insulated installation sites and workshops.



We take advantage of our vast experience in this sector as a base for the manufacturing of products for trains, wagons, locomotives and trams.

Railway vehicle structural modules such as: roofs, cabins, sides, end walls, bogies, air conditioning cases, battery boxes, electrical system cabinets, tools and positioning moulds for welding and installation.

Process equipment

Šinvoz has extensive experience in the production of process equipment. Numerous references in this field can confirm this.

We manufacture tanks, mixers and vessels for the food industry, heat pump cases and supports, heat exchangers, moulds and forms for the construction industry, glass containers and PET packaging, as well as compressed air tanks.


The company also offers product development services in the field of agricultural and construction machinery.

We perform the manufacturing of elements and assemblies according to drawings or samples: casings and boxes, axles, rag wheels, pulleys, wheel hubs, flanges, protective sheets, frames, elevators and conveyors.

Automotive industry

In the field of road traffic, Šinvoz offers the production of numerous types of components of various materials and sizes, welded structures and assembly parts.

Our flexibility is reflected in the size of our batches, which start with prototypes, and reach hundreds of thousands of pieces a year in some segments.


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