The company Šinvoz is the leading overhauler in this part of Europe and offers its customers a complete service of maintenance, repair, restoration and modernization of all types of railway vehicles.

Šinvoz is experienced in the overhaul of a large number of different railway vehicles for state-owned railways, international corporations, leasing enterprises, energy companies, private rail operators and other clients from the region and the European Union.

Apart from the usual major and minor maintenance activities, the company offers maintenance under warranty, which is performed directly for global manufacturers of railway vehicles, emergency repairs, various forms of examinations and testing, as well as reconstruction and modernization.

The reconstruction and modernization of vehicles is carried out on the basis of specific design solutions and production technologies, certified according to all international standards and tested in operation. We also offer technical solutions according to specific requirements and needs, depending on the project and type of railway vehicles. Our company also possesses a specialized workshop for the repair and re-attestation of braking systems and equipment, which has been licensed and certified by the manufacturer of braking systems and the state-owned railway. In addition, Šinvoz actively overhauls all types of subassemblies, from shafts, through bogies to electrical and hydraulic systems for customers across Europe.


Šinvoz is a company with many years of experience in the maintenance, overhaul, modernization and remotorization of locomotives.

Since the company possesses certified state-of-the-art measuring and control devices, as well as testing stations for diesel-electric and electric locomotives, we guarantee a high level of quality and reliability of vehicles.

The company maintains the following types of infrastructure of locomotives and special purpose vehicles: diesel-mechanical, diesel-hydraulic, diesel-electric and electric locomotives.

Freight Wagons

The company incorporates certified workshops for the overhaul and testing of the braking systems, overhaul and testing of shaft assemblies, overhaul and testing of tensioning gears, machinist and welding services, cleaning, washing, inertization, inspection, overhaul, repair and testing of pressure vessels and their related fittings (tubes and valves).

The types of freight wagons that are subjected to overhaul: tank wagons, bulk trailers, container wagons, flat wagons, open wagons, and special purpose wagons.

EMVs, DMVs and passenger coaches

The company Šinvoz specializes in the maintenance and modernization of electric and diesel locomotives, as well as passenger coaches, which are in use in Southeast Europe.

Multiple decades of experience, all the necessary certificates, as well as the most state-of-the-art measuring and control equipment are a guarantee that the client will receive quality, reliable and safe vehicles within the agreed timeframe.

Electrical components

The company Šinvoz owns workshops and testing equipment for the repair and testing of railway vehicles’ electrical components: pantographs of towing vehicles; main electrical, pneumatic and vacuum switches for the towing of vehicles; traction rectifiers; all kinds of electrical and pneumatic controllers; main and auxiliary contactors; control electronics for vehicles; electric motors; testing and overhaul of low voltage and high voltage installations and testing and adjustment of vehicle parameters at the connection spot in the workshop.

We also perform the overhaul and certification of electrical components as a special service at customer request.

Bogies and axles

Šinvoz has a complete technological line for the overhaul of bogies and axles (drive axle assemblies and free axle assemblies): wheel profile processing on axle assemblies; replacement of monoblock wheels on the axles; overhaul or replacement of brake discs; wheel rim replacement; creation of new axle assemblies; overhaul and repair of crank axle reducers;

Other than overhauling and repairing axle assemblies, the company also completes a thorough testing of the components of axle assemblies: testing of residual stresses in the monoblock wheels; ultrasonic testing of shafts; magnaflux testing; vibration and noise testing of overhauled and repaired gear units in the test benches.

Braking systems

The company Šinvoz has a specialized workshop for the repair and re-attestation of the braking devices and equipment.

Šinvoz holds a certificate from the Directorate for Railways of the Republic of Serbia, as well as personal certificates for specialists, issued by the equipment manufacturer Knorr. The workshop has the capacity to perform the overhaul of the braking systems and of braking systems: Knorr, Oerlikon, Božić, as well as the testing and attestation of the brakes on all railway vehicles.

The company also has modern mobile testing equipment with computer diagnostics to record the performance diagrams of breaking operations and of all necessary parameters.


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